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Pre-Purchase & Pre-Sale Inspections.

We are a highly experienced team in pre-sale inspections with wide-ranging expertise and attention to detail. This is to ensure you get the highest quality pre-purchase inspection and written report in Adelaide.

What We Look For in Pre-Purchase & 
Pre-Sale Inspections.

1. We will identify any Major defects that will require professional help to rectify

2. Minor (superficial) defects that will benefit from regular maintenance

3. Defects that pose a safety hazard

4. Any areas we feel that you need to be concerned about.

5. We provide recommendations towards rectification of identified defects

How can we help?

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Pre Purchase

Book your Pre-purchase inspection and identify any major defects or minor hazards before you make the purchase.


Building and
Pest Inspections

Order a Pest inspection for your property. A home that looks good on the surface could easily be
hiding some nasty surprises.


Pre Sale

Pre-sale inspections are undertaken for the seller
of a property. Don't wait for potential buyers to raise concerns. Ensure your property is ready to hit the market. 


Same Day

We offer same day inspections & reports for all residential properties. For Pre-sale and pre-purchase inspections call us today.  

We carry out inspections armed with the latest technology, our wealth of experience, and industry knowledge.

What to Expect From Our Pre-Purchase Inspection.

We understand people lead busy lives and that is why we are available 7 days a week
for all of your prepurchase / presales inspections.

We approach each inspection as if we are buying the property ourselves, so you can be sure we won’t miss a thing.

We invite you to be present at the inspection and communicate any findings on the spot. If you cannot be there, we will phone you upon completion of the inspection and discuss the findings with you.


Home Inspection Checklist.

We are well aware of how time-critical prepurchase and presales inspections are, so you can expect to get your highly detailed written report in your inbox on the same day as the inspection.

Your prepurchase or presale inspection report will cover inspection of;

Building structure; roof covering; roof trusses; eaves; flashing; chimneys; gutters; downpipes; drainage; foundations/footings; flooring; subfloors; bathrooms; toilets; laundry; bedrooms; windows; doors; walls; skirtings and cornice; heating/cooling; hot water service; tapware; flow test; fixed electrical appliances, eg. ceiling fans/ovens/stoves/range hoods/exhaust fans, etc; fencing; retaining walls; and salt damp.


We promptly service all areas of Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

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