Same Day Inspections & Reports

Same Day Report on Pre-Purchase and

Pre-Sale Inspections.

Timing is everything! You only have a small window of time to get a pre-purchase inspection done.


Generally within 48hrs of any offer being accepted, you'll be served with "Form Ones"... The clock is ticking!

What We Look For in a Pre-Purchase and

Pre-Sale Inspection.

1. Any major defects that will require professional help to rectify;

2. Minor (superficial) defects that will benefit from regular maintenance;

3. Defects that pose a safety hazard;

4. Any areas we feel that you need to be concerned about;

5. We'll make recommendations towards rectification of defects.

How can we help?

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Pre Purchase


Book your Pre-purchase inspection and identify any major defects or minor hazards before you make the purchase.


Building and

Pest Inspections

Order a Pest inspection for your property. A home that looks good on the surface could easily be
hiding some nasty surprises.


Pre Sale


Pre-sale inspections are undertaken for the seller
of a property. Don't wait for potential buyers to raise concerns. Ensure your property is ready to hit the market. 


Same Day


We offer same day inspections & reports for all residential properties. For Pre-sale and pre-purchase inspections call us today.  

Timing is everything! You only have a small window of time to
get a pre-purchase inspection done... the clock is ticking!

What to Expect From Our Pre-Purchase and 

 Pre-Sale Inspections.

Once you engage us to carry out your pre-purchase inspection we will take care of the rest.


We will contact the agent to arrange the inspection, even that same day if you require it!

We will then carry out a comprehensive inspection - which we invite you to attend.

We will verbally communicate any findings either in person on the day of the inspection, or by phone if you cannot attend.


Reporting on Your Inspection.

Your written report will be in your inbox by 9 pm on the same day as the inspection.

You can be confident that we will work within your time constraints to ensure you get your presale inspection done promptly and you can make informed decisions regarding the property.